At Professional Cabling Solutions our most valuable asset is our people. Nothing is more important than their safety and well-being. Our coworkers and families rely on this commitment and each and every one of us believes in the obligation to actively engage in ensuring individual and team safety. Every employee is part of the discussion and understands the importance of a healthy and safe work environment.

As part of our safety program, a few of the ways we integrate safety into our culture and daily duties include:

  • Each member of our Installation Team is provided with a Field Site Safety Manual
  • Receives and reviews weekly Toolbox Talks
  • Lift Certified
  • OSHA 30 Construction Industry Certified

As an OSHA 30 certified individual, each member on the team is equally accountable and identified as a competent person.

Our employees are provided with the equipment, tools and protective gear to aid in their safekeeping. Our employees have a voice in communicating what they need to feel comfortable, confident and adequately prepared for their working environments.

Each employee is dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment and demonstrates their commitment through:

  • Being responsible for their safety and the safety of others.
  • Having a commitment to an incident and injury free workplace.
  • Acknowledging that people can make mistakes, but being accountable to, learning from and implementing solutions to never repeat those mistakes are critical.
  • Actively anticipating and communicating unsafe situations.
  • Identifying and stopping any unsafe acts or equipment.
  • Encouraging and reinforcing the safe behavior of themselves and others.

We continually assess how we can make sure training needs and requirements are addressed and have many other safety certifications. As we identify projects with circumstances that introduce new and challenging situations for us to be informed and trained, we partner with proActive Safety Services to address specific training needs or to develop custom training to ensure safety always remains our greatest focus and highest priority.