An IP video surveillance system from PCS is a valuable tool for the safety and security of your employees, students, staff and your bottom line. IP video surveillance has been shown to act as a powerful deterrent to crime and unwanted behavior as well as a tremendous resource for documenting covert activities or behaviors. Whether it is a basic camera install or multiple cameras with DVRs, PCS can deliver the security solution that best fits your budget and needs.

Here are a few of the many ways video surveillance can be used in your business:

Visible Cameras

Surveillance Camera View

Visible cameras can deter crime by scaring away would-be criminals.

PCS offers a wide range of standard, recognizable video cameras for every area of your entity. Whether indoor or outdoor, day or night, we have cameras to meet your every need. And because these cameras can be mounted prominently throughout the interior and exterior of your business, they are an excellent deterrent to crime.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras enable you to monitor and record behavior and activity.

PCS also offers a wide range of hidden cameras for your commercial properties. Crisp, clear images enable you to monitor key areas of your entity with precision and confidence. Whether you are monitoring behaviors and activities indoors or out, PCS has a camera for every situation.


Advances in technology have made commercial surveillance easy and affordable. Wireless cameras allow for easy installation and send a signal to a receiver up to 300 feet away. Standard receiver units include 4, 8, and 16 camera inputs. You can stack these units and view all video images at once, view selected images, or view only one at a time. You can also view images from a remote location.

Access and storage

Access to recorded images and storage capacity are critical in commercial installations. You can review previously recorded video at the same time a current video is being recorded. Standard storage capacity or extended storage is available.


Today’s cameras can be programmed to deliver the images you want, when and where you want them. Many camera domes have built in units that pan, tilt, zoom, and focus via PC software. From any PC anywhere in the world, you can aim any one of your cameras and zoom in to view a specific location. The dome units can be programmed for tour duty, meaning they will automatically pan, tilt and stop for a pre-determined time, zoom in and record, then move to view another pre-programmed site. 

Motion detection

Motion detection is another feature that can significantly reduce recording time and storage space. Simply stated, cameras equipped with motion sensors only record when motion is detected. After a short delay in activity, recording is suspended until activity is once again detected.