Fiber optic cable is a network cable capable of transmitting large quantities of data, and it is used every day for internet, telecommunications, cable television and medical applications (to name a few). It is comprised of small threads made of glass or plastic wrapped in a protective coating and covered with a plastic PVC outer sleeve. It transmits information as light pulses along the glass or plastic strand or fiber. Fiber optic cable is specifically designed for long-distance, high performance data networking and telecommunications.

fiber optic

Its benefits include:

  • Higher bandwidth
  • Higher speeds
  • Longer length limitations
  • Reliable security and stability
  • Free from electromagnetic interference
  • Copper saving
  • Less corrosive
  • Minimal or no maintenance costs

Fiber optic cable is more sophisticated than copper wiring and requires special expertise to install, terminate and test. At PCS, our team of expert technicians are specifically trained in fiber optic installation, terminating and testing.

corning logoIn fact, PCS is a proud Corning-certified Installer.